About Toyama international dance competition holding

A self-restraint of an event and the business is called for from the viewpoint of prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, and the future is attacked as a company taking art culture by invisible fear, and, also, the future children whom there is carrying art culture may not run after a dream. In such a sense of crisis, I planned the holding of the international ballet contest that was not carried out until now in toyama.

Many contests become cancellation, the postponement by new coronavirus infection spread and support the art cultural activities such as a dancer or the child student who lost an opportunity of an exercise and the result announcement and support personnel training, an artist activity, and an opportunity to touch the art culture creates the opportunity to a decreasing citizen of the prefecture.

It has not been held so far in Toyama while a ballet contest was carried out in each places of the whole country. I make the structure which the accommodations and a restaurant, a passenger shipping industry, a tourist facility receiving a blow under the influence of new model coronavirus can activate with the ripple effect by audience, dancer who did an entry and the person concerned visiting Toyama from home and abroad by holding a contest mainly composed of the historical classic ballet and aim at the activation of the economy.

Please cooperate with a student as school education on holding it and lead to the future creation by having you experience an international event and can have you experience local construction business.